About Us

ContraKing makes a platform available for people to go back to our original roots of humanity and community living through barter arrangement whereby two parties exchange goods or services without any cash changing hands. But if you have something you’d rather buy or sell, then this is for the place for it too.

Posting an ad is always free unless you wish to be placed as a Featured Ad for a small fee.

Therefore any listings here are listed and carried under the sole discretion between the buyer and seller as we do not get involved with the payment or swapping process.

However, please be aware that this is a family-oriented website and we will immediately remove any materials that does not suit that environment.

Our SEARCH CAPABILITY IS GREAT, however human error may be the cause! All USERS of the site must make sure that their entry is carefully written and typed or they will not be found when CONTRA-ians do a search.

Thank you!

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